Castlemain Mill Holiday Cottages

Countdown and Launchpad are now open! 🎉🍾
Our maintenance work is now finished, both trails have been completely refurbished and are now ready to ride. £68,000 has been invested by Forestry England into these trails, and this wouldn’t be possible without the income we make from membership and visitors – so thank you!
A huge thanks also goes to everyone that donated to the fundraiser hosted by the Dean Trail Volunteers. Nearly £9,000 was donated by riders during the height of the pandemic, your support and generosity is incredible.
Our team were out testing the trails earlier this week with Martyn Ashton from the Global Mountain Bike Network, and we can confirm they are super fun to ride. Our contractors Back on Track Mountain Bike Solutions who carried out this refurbishment have done an amazing job. 👏👏
These trails are the only ones in the UK specifically designed for 4-wheeled gravity bikes, but some changes have been made to make them more suitable for 2-wheeled mountain bikes.
They are really fast and flowy and so, as with any new trail, please do take care when riding it for the first time. They've been completely reshaped and so will be unfamiliar even to regular visitors.
Have fun and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!